Amenities Enhancement Plan (added to NOV Agenda)

My swearing in for the CDD Supervisor was Thursday November 19th at 2pm, My First meeting was on Thursday November 19th at 6pm, thus there was no time period for me to add to the November CDD Agenda Package. All Supervisors have the right for “Supervisor Comments” at or near the end of the meeting. I submitted this paper on Amenity Enhancements for the MiraBay Community (see below) and gave a short presentation based upon my hearing and listening to the majority of the residents concerns using the last remaining small green space near the Lagoon and Dockers inside the Pool area.

I realize there will be a cost involved thus I have reached out to Park Square to see if they would re-engage and work with the new board in a common goal of making MiraBay great!, that email (sent to my CDD email account thus officially a gov’t document) is here;

Congratulations on your election to the CDD Board! Park Square is looking forward to working with you and the new board.

I understand that the CDD has partially budgeted and is evaluating the feasibility of constructing a new outdoor court amenity. At your request, I discussed with the owner the possibility of Park Square cooperating with this effort to be built behind the existing tennis courts, and they are agreeable to working with you towards this goal. Please let me know when you have time to meet next week to further discuss the design, construction and permitting timeframes and scope of development. I would also like to discuss timeframes and processes for transferring properties covered by the acquisition agreement. Talk to you soon.
Tampa Division President
205 Manns Harbor Dr | Apollo Beach, FL 33572
813.497.8141 Direct

The paper submitted to the official Harbor Bay CDD Government Record:

Please consider the proposed MiraBay “Amenities Enhancement Plan”.
Before we begin a “Plan” we, as a community, deserve a collective definition of enhancement.
Even if an individual homeowner/household is not a user of or participant in a specific amenity, we as taxpayers in this District are all stakeholders. With a thoughtful “Plan”, any amenity enhancements should serve to enhance our property values as well as our lifestyles.
The proposed “Plan” shows the MiraBay basketball courts eliminated from their current location and rebuilt at the Lagoon shoreline in the greenspace near the main clubhouse. The existing courts are currently purposed for a dual/shared use of pickleball and basketball. The plan is to convert these courts to dedicated pickleball courts and to include the construction of a shade pavilion.
MiraBay, as a community should be aware the “Amenity Enhancement Plan” will in fact remove or limit many other activities and amenities. The removals caused by this plan could lead to community division. Homebuilding in MiraBay is increasing, therefore any amenity plans need to be inclusive and focus on expanding opportunities for amenity use and participation.

MiraBay is uniquely recognized as a Boating Community.

Many residents participate in and enjoy water related activities. The greenspace by the Lagoon is presently the site for Beach Volleyball and it is obvious that amenity will be eliminated by the Plan. The Plan will also eliminate boating events that utilize that greenspace. The MiraBay Dragon Boat Team meets there for Paddle-Palooza. Residents are forming an Outrigger Canoe Team; this type of canoe can only be launched from the shoreline. It would be awesome for MiraBay to host Outrigger races as there are groups in Clearwater, St. Pete and Miami but nothing on this side of the Bay.
MiraBay is known to be a Family Friendly Community. MiraBay hosts great Community Celebrations and Ceremonies. There has been discussion of expanding the Dockers Children’s Facility; per the CDD engineers, building basketball courts in the greenspace would eliminate any possibility of Dockers expansion. This greenspace is where party slides, water slides and video game truck rentals are located for numerous birthday parties and Summer Camp. The Winter Lighted Boat Parade on the Lagoon is a very popular event, and this greenspace is the location of that events’ Winter Wonderland with snow, slides and Meet Santa. The Children’s Gasparilla Pirate Invasion is held here at the Lagoon greenspace with face painting, and many other activities including an “invasion” via boats by members of the MiraBay Mariners Club in full pirate costume. It is at the greenspace, on the Lagoon shoreline where MiraBay holds its’ annual Memorial Day Wreath Laying Ceremony.
Amenities and Events like those listed here add intangible value to our lifestyle and tangibly to our property values, and this all works together to build our community.
Tim Nargi is in full support of a multi-Sport and/or pickleball courts and after in-depth analysis and extensive resident feedback, he recognizes that the best location for those new sport courts is the location behind the tennis courts. Tim Nargi wants to meet the needs of the residents for these courts in the best location and without removing any existing amenities.

It can be said that both candidates for seat 5 had similar concerns they campaigned on, as well as posted on Social Media, however please keep in mind this is my paper and they have their own views and comments, my goal is to look out out for all of MiraBay Residents with this proposal.

“The cost of doing things right far exceed the cost itself”

Thank you