Mira Bay Pool’s Update

Good morning MiraBay,

MiraBay Main Pool:
I have some good news to report that the Park Square and CDD attorneys have signed off on the easement agreement the District needed from Park Square in order to fix the heater for the Pool.
I would like to thank Park Square for coming back to the table and would also like to thank my fellow Board members for taking the time to listen to work with Park Square once again. Although a small effort it is an important one for our Mira Bay Pool heater and Hopefully this will be a stepping stone in the right direction going forward.

The original heater system has to be abandoned as it is not fixable, so what is wrong with it is not worth going into, the new system requires to drill down for two approximately 410 foot depth unlike the last system was a mere 50 feet or so. The least expensive way forward is on land owned by Park Square, as mentioned; the easement agreement is signed and the District was merely waiting on a drawing from our engineers (due last Friday). That is not holding anything up as the plan was always to begin the project Mid-February and to wrap up by Mid-March.

Admiral Point Pool:
The District authorized all brand new furniture for the Admiral Point Pool. Here is the official motion:

On a motion by Mr. Leventry, seconded by Mr. Nargi, with all in favor, the Board approved the Pool Furniture Replacement Proposal, in an amount not to exceed $16,000.00, for the Harbor Bay Community Development District.