MiraBay Pool Heater Easement update

The Easement agreement will be finalized Monday or Tuesday according the CDD attorney whom I just go off the phone with.

I also spoke with the CDD engineer (CARDNO) earlier today about this subject.

Cardno explained the easement drawing by the surveyors they hired included the full entire area of the Park Square owned Meeting Center. That is what was objected too, (AND NOTHING ELSE), of course that makes sense to object as it allows anything to be done within that area!
The easement drawings should have been limited to the well drilling and the area necessary to get down to the lagoon for the new system. Cardno jumped on that error and had the surveyors correct it. The new and correct drawing was given to the CDD at no expense to us. This was then sent over to Park Square; all is good now according to our CDD attorney.

Have a great Valentines weekend Mira Bay!!