Amenities Enhancement

Good Day Mira Bay,
Nearly 8 months ago in September 2020 the Harbor Bay CDD Board approved an amenities project, and
as of today, the permitting process is not complete. This cause for concern has prompted a look at the
original Harbor Bay drawing packages/engineered plans in search of a way to facilitate a build out of
four overdue pickleball courts.

Found on the Southwest Florida Water Management District (SWFWMD) website were the details of the
original Environmental Resource Permits (ERP) for MiraBay/Harbor Bay CDD.

The first subject of interest is Permit ID# 44 18838 011, the Recorded Date is 12-21-2001 and the
Operations and Maintenance Date (O&M) is 9-18-2003, as approved. Please note that the tennis courts
have a total of 7 outlined areas as shown on the map (click here for map #11).

It can be clearly seen that there is one tennis court outline directly on the back of our existing 5 courts,
and most importantly, it is not encroaching the Wetlands Line of Demarcation.

Next please look at the As-Builts Permit ID# 44 18838 012 with a Recorded Date of 1-14-2002 and an
(O&M) date of 12-21-2004 as approved.

The same tennis court is there and still not touching the wetlands. The retention pond was moved and
thus encroached upon that location, however a retention pond can be changed. (click here to see the map #12).

As found in simple Google searches pickleball courts are 44×20 and 4 courts will indeed fit in that space
of the tennis court as outlined in our permits. The Harbor Bay CDD Engineer has stated, according to the As-Builts, that pickleball courts could be engineered in this location.



These Permits are all public records and can be found here:

In the project name box Enter: Harbor Bay  and click search