A WIN WIN! For ALL of MiraBay!

At the May 2021 Harbor Bay CDD Meeting, the Board of Supervisors passed a resolution to obtain a survey of the tennis court parking lot for future improvements to that location. At that time the Board decided to include another survey, for the area behind the tennis courts. There were some cost savings realized in combining the surveys, plus that additional survey would provide a basis for informed decision making should the CDD chose to utilize that area for any future amenity expansion. The CDD has a limited amount of space available for any future amenity expansion; and this fact that has presented us with challenges. The foresight exercised by our Board has facilitated a path forward.



A total of 4 Pickleball courts will fit in the area behind the tennis courts!

THE NUMBERS ARE IN !  $233,000.
plus, a generous 15% Contingency asked for by the Engineers; that may not be spent.

And without any costly Wetlands site remediation.

Another bonus, this plan includes lights for nighttime play.


A new venue for our racket sports, Pickleball, would be a welcome addition to the existing tennis courts. That location would create real synergy and blend well with overall MiraBay aesthetics, using the same type of lighting and shade structures. There has been substantial public outcry in opposition to locating sport courts by the Lagoon near the Anchor Cove Townhomes as the decibel levels have the potential to create disruption for those residents as well as the residents across the canal in Shell Cove. Further concerns have been voiced by residents that appreciate the waterfront views and greenspace by the Lagoon which is diminished by sport courts and unsightly fencing. Basketball players objected to the reduced court times that the previous plan would cause. Boating and paddle sports would both lose access in the previous plan.


Now with the discovery of this ideal Pickleball court location behind the tennis, the Lagoon space remains open for even more amenity expansion, in forms of use that complement rather than undermine a waterfront, poolside resort experience. The Professional Community Planners the Board has voted upon to hire are now unconstrained with any planning to maximize that Lagoon space to its highest and best use. These plans can be pool centric and realize cost savings by utilizing the pool equipment that’s already there. This is all in keeping with our goal of being a “Premier Waterfront Community”.

District Engineering Documents: Pickleball Layouts and Estimated Costs (1)

*Engineers confirmed sheet pile option wall is not needed