MiraBay Pools Update


Amenities Enhancement Paper

By the proper rules and procedures; This paper was added to the official Harbor Bay CDD Agenda on Thursday November 19th.


TIM NARGI wins Election!

We Thank all our supporters, and Mira Bay as a whole, for entrusting me with your vote and allowing me to represent and serve you for the next 4 years.

Even though the election is over the hard work begins now, please continue your support and let me know your concerns, you can always come here to this page for updates. This is also a forum to be able to reach me via the contact page listed here.

My wife Christine and I love MiraBay. It is our forever home, the place where our love of family shines the brightest and is, in some way, a symbol of our success. This place is where our two grown sons, a daughter in law and sweet grandbaby gather to share special times along with three (one dog Trixie, two cats Penelope’ and Chloe’) fun-loving and lovable rescues. 

It is our love of this community that motivates me to serve on the CDD Board. It is the residents of MiraBay that compel me to serve, because I understand the investment we all have made.  The time has come to heal divisiveness and move forward to improve and reinvest in MiraBay for the long term. Residents request to have their voices heard, they want and deserve more.

I remain an “open book”. I always enjoy meeting with residents and am available by phone, email, whatever means is convenient for you. I take the responsibility of CDD Supervisor seriously and therefore know I must be connected to the pulse of the community. I want what all of you want for MiraBay!  

Above all, I will continue to do the research and demonstrated that I will not waiver from what we know to be right, and what is right for MiraBay. I will continue to do the necessary due diligence because he believes he owes it to you as residents, and to the entire community, to find the right answers. 

Christine and I understand and appreciate the sacrifices we have all made to live here.

NARGI 2020 for the future of MiraBay

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