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Operation Market Garden ?

NO,  This is not a Bridge too far !   Actually it is a Solution!!

Contrary to unfounded and now disproven remarks about no access;  The District Engineers came up with 4 possibilities for ADA access to the courts behind the tennis courts.
Here is one solution that will also enhance the look of our amenities and give it that resort style look that we all enjoy living here in Mira Bay.

A simple Boardwalk that goes up and over the wetlands, thus no wetlands mitigation required, this would solve the West side access.

Here are some conceptual pictures.






A simple 12 to 1 slope; mere inches off the ground, avoids wetlands issues altogether.

An average cost is approximately $75 per sqft.

To put that in perspective;  a 20 foot bridge (5 feet on each end with 12/1 slope, plus 10 feet in the middle, all 6 feet wide) runs $9k.

The ADA requires that all business and public use wheelchair ramps adhere to a 1:12 slope ratio, meaning that for every inch of vertical rise there must be 12 horizontal inches (one foot) of ramp. If, for example, you had a stairway with a vertical rise of 5″, you would need 5′ of ramp.

Important note:
Since the July CDD meeting Cardno has not expended any funds related to the  courts behind the tennis courts,

to see more bridges….
go to www.ybc.com for more details


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