Mira Bay and Specifically Lagoon Residents,

During my Campaign, and a couple times since my election, I have sat down with Park Square about restoring the Lagoon Shoreline to acceptable condition for the CDD to accept their conveyance of the Lagoon to the CDD.

I introduced at the December meeting to my fellow Board members my research and understanding of the Erosion control rocks.  From historical CDD Government documents  and with the assistance from our own CDD lawyers who assisted with the Lagoon shoreline more specifically the erosion control rocks we learned the developer is indeed responsible for the corrections. The sit down meetings I have had with Park Square and on their comments on the  record at the CDD meeting. The developers themselves, Park Square, have already agreed that they are going to repair the erosion control rocks.
Please see go to this link about the Lagoon Erosion control Rocks for a better understanding:


This past CDD meeting held April 15th 2021, Chuck Cavaretta, Corporate Vice President of Land for Park Square personally met with the Board.

Please see agenda item Exhibit 13 Evaluating Erosion Control Rocks.

During discussion I mentioned allowing our engineers to work with the Park Square engineers which would help Park Square get the process done much quicker, thus Park Square can get to work bringing the rocks to a acceptable condition for conveyance to the CDD and more importantly getting our residents rocks corrected sooner than later.

This presentation by Park Square to the Board led to a motion by  Dan Leventry, 2nd by Tim Nargi  (this is not the exact motion) is to have the CDD Engineers work with the Park Square engineers to determine what needs to be corrected with the erosion control rocks, this was approved 5-0.


Final Note

To all Lagoon Residents, Help our Staff and Engineers help you !!
If you believe your rocks are an issue, (tell your neighboring Lagoon(ies) too!)
Please send an email titled Lagoon Rocks with your name, address and pictures of your lagoon erosion control rocks to:

Doug Ivester Fields Operation Manager